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ATV Insurance

Unlike most vehicles most states don’t require insurance for off the road All Terrain Vehicles (ATV). However, if you do purchase insurance, you’ll discover it’s an offshoot of an automobile policy. In fact, you’ll have the same coverage as if you were driving down the Dan Ryan expressway in Chicago.

If you decide to purchase insurance for your ATV, following are the coverages you’ll have to select from:

Liability- Bodily Injury: If you get into an accident and someone is injured because of your actions, this liability coverage will protect you up to the policy limits.

Liability- Physical Damage: This covers damage caused by you to another’s vehicle or property.

Collision- This will pay for damage to your vehicle caused by hitting an object like a tree, another vehicle, etc.

Comprehensive- This covers your ATV in the event of damage or loss caused by anything other than a collision. This could be fire, theft, vandalism, wind or hail.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist- This will protect you from any damage caused by a person who’s uninsured or underinsured.

You will not be able to get insurance on your ATV if it’s used for other than personal use or if it’s used in racing. You’ll have to discuss with your agent other types of coverages available for those situations.

Also, most companies have driver age limits. The age limits vary from a minimum of 8 to 12 years old.