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Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

If you ride in the suburbs, are in your thirties, have ridden for awhile and have an average motorcycle (if there is such a thing) you may pay as little as $120 per year for your bike insurance.

However, if you ride in an urban area, are in your twenties, have an average motorcycle and haven’t ridden much, it may cost you $400-$500 per year.

Motorcycle Insurance Factors

Some of the factors that will be used to set your bike insurance rates are:

  • Age
  • Riding experience
  • Make and cc’s of the bike
  • Where you ride
  • Tickets or accidents
  • Number of claims file

Five Ways to Lower your Motorcycle Insurance Premium

Take a safe driving course- Not only might you learn something, you might be eligible for a premium decrease if you take a class.

Raise your deductible- Like a car, the higher the deductible on your collision insurance, the less the premium.

Buy on the internet- Purchasing your insurance online may be less expensive than doing it in person because it’s less costly for the carriers.

Store your bike in a garage- It will be more secure, less likely to be stolen and may result in lower premiums.

Install an alarm- An audible anti-theft alarm may get you a discount on your insurance.

Make sure you get several quotes. The premium disparity among insurance carriers for the same situation may surprise you.