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QLink Motorcycle Insurance

When you’re purchasing insurance for your QLink Motorcycle, consider surcharges and discounts first:

  • Surcharges- Insurance carriers can add charges for young riders, credit challenged riders, riders with little experience, riders with tickets or accidents and riders who need custom motorcycle insurance.

If you fall into one of these categories, shop around for your motorcycle insurance. Carriers can vary widely in their surcharges for riders in these situations.

  • Discounts- Find out which insurance carriers offer the best discounts. Discounts can be offered for anti-theft devices, marital status, riding experience, safety courses, multi-policies with the same carrier, belonging to a riders association and being a safe rider.


There are several different coverages available for your QLink Motorcycle:

  • Liability- Minimum limit liability coverage is mandatory in each of the states. So, as a rider, you have to purchase this. You may want to pay a little more to raise those limits.

Bodily injury liability covers injuries or death to others caused by your actions.

Property damage liability covers damage or destruction to other people’s property resulting from your actions.

  • Collision- This covers damage to your motorcycle caused by hitting another vehicle or object.

  • Comprehensive- This covers damage to your motorcycle caused by anything other than a collision (theft, vandalism, wind, etc…)

  • Medical Payments- This pays medical expenses incurred by you or a passenger up to the policy limit.

  • Roadside Assistance- If you breakdown for any reason within 100 feet of a roadway this coverage will pay for any tow or repairs you need.

Other specialty coverages may be available for your situation so shop around for the best coverages and deals.