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Motorcycle Insurance in Maryland

Maryland defines a motorcycle as a two or three-wheeled vehicle with an engine bigger than 70 cc’s. Scooters or mopeds are not required to be registered or insured, but a proper license is required to operate either. Maryland requires drivers complete a motorcycle safety course (if under the age of 18), a driver education course, and you may be required to obtain a provisional license. A full motorcycle license (class M) is converted from a provisional license once a driver is “conviction free” for 18 months. Registering a motorcycle in Maryland requires a safety inspection. A new vehicle will usually be registered and titled by the dealer in Maryland. Otherwise, the application for certificate of title will have to be submitted by the owner with a certificate of origin, a bill of sale, and an odometer disclosure statement.

Motorcycle License Requirements

  • Motorcycle safety course (if under the age of 18)
  • Driver education course
  • Learner’s permit (required if you are applying for you first graduate licensing system license)
  • Provisional license (if driver has less than 18 months driving experience)
  • Vision test
  • Knowledge test
  • Skills test

Insurance Requirements

Maryland requires a minimum liability coverage of $30,000 for bodily injury for one person, $60,000 bodily injury for two people or more, and $15,000 for property damage. Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration requires the driver file a proof of insurance form (FR-19) obtained from the insurance company. Maryland only accepts the FR-19 as proof of insurance; the ID card and actual policy are not accepted.

Insurance Rates

Maryland insurance rates are impacted by the driving history for the past three years, including moving violations or accidents, what type of vehicle is being insured, if the vehicle is being used for commercial purposes, the age of the driver or any other drivers on the policy, whether the driver or any other drivers on the policy have had their license suspended or revoked, and previous insurance history. Marital status will also affect the cost of insurance since married individuals statistically have a lower incidence of accidents and claims.

State Laws

Drivers must abide by the laws of the state the driver is in. Tickets, increased motorcycle insurance premiums, or even license suspension may result from not following state law. These are the motorcycle laws as defined by the state of Maryland:

  • A safety helmet is required by law for all drivers. A helmet speaker is allowed in a single earphone only.
  • Eye protection is required unless the vehicle is equipped with a windscreen.
  • A passenger seat and a passenger footrest is required if carrying a passenger.
  • Two mirrors are required by law, though turn signals are not required. Handlebars should not be higher than 15 inches above the seat.
  • A muffler is required.
  • Motorcycles operating two abreast in same lane are allowed, but no more than two. The motorcycle operator may not overtake and pass in the same lane occupied by the vehicle being overtaken. Driving between lanes, traffic, or between adjacent lines or rows of vehicles is prohibited.