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Motorcycle Insurance in Missouri

A class M motorcycle license or permit, or a driver’s license with an M endorsement, is required to operate a motorcycle on public roadways in the state of Missouri. At the age of 15.5 years, drivers may apply for a temporary motorcycle instruction permit issued after the successful completion of an approved motorcycle training course, written, vision, and road sign tests, and written consent from a parent or legal guardian. A permit also requires a $6.25 application fee. A license may be earned by passing a knowledge test and on-motorcycle test, and paying a $10 fee for a three-year or a $20 fee for a six-year license. The state of Missouri defines a motorized bicycle as any two or three-wheeled device with an automatic transmission and a motor with a cylinder capacity less than or equal to 50 cubic centimeters producing less than three gross brake horsepower, which is capable of propelling the device no more than thirty miles per hour. A motorized bicycle does not have to be registered, but does require a driver’s license.

Motorcycle License Requirements

  • $10 fee for a three-year or a $20 fee for a six-year license
  • Knowledge test
  • on-motorcycle test

Insurance Requirements

A minimum $25,000 liability per person for bodily injury or death, $50,000 liability per accident for bodily injury or death, and $10,000 liability per accident for property damage are required by the state of Missouri. The law also requires the driver have $25,000 in uninsured motorist coverage for bodily injury per person and $50,000 per accident per bodily injury. A driver must prove financial responsibility either by:

  • Purchase liability insurance — Buy insurance from an insurance company.
  • Bonds — Place a surety bond, real estate bond, or cash deposit with the Department of Revenue.

Failure to prove financial responsibility may result in a conviction by the court on the driver’s record and four points. A total of eight points in an 18-month period will cause the driver to lose his/her driving privilege in Missouri. The court may also enter an order to the Driver License Bureau in order to supervise the driver’s maintenance of automobile liability insurance, or an order to suspend the driver’s license. If the owner or operator of a motor vehicle involved in an accident is deemed unable to maintain liability insurance by the Director of Revenue in Missouri, the owner or operator will be mailed a Notice of Suspension including a reason for suspension, the effective date of suspension, and the procedure to request a hearing.

Insurance Rates

Age, sex, marital status, driver record, area of residency, type of vehicle, driver training, claims history, and credit scores generally affect the insurance rate. A history of fines and accidents will raise the cost of insurance, and a history of suspension will affect your ability to gain insurance.

State Laws

Failure to follow Missouri state law may result in tickets, higher motorcycle insurance premiums, and/or license suspension or revocation. In addition, state laws vary and the driver must follow the law of the state he/she is in. These are the state motorcycle laws for Missouri: